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I think I could safely call this THE chocolate pie to end all PMS cravings. This pie is THAT rich and THAT decadent. I found this recipe for Chocolate Mousse Pie on the Cooking with Trader Joe’s blog and made it for Easter.  The pie got rave reviews from all the chocolate fans.  The non-rich-chocolate […]

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Lasagna Photos

Here’s a sort of video log of the vegan lasagna-making process. There were several “oooh, I wonder how this is going to work” moments, so I thought I’d capture them on photo. Since there were no vegan cheese shreds at the store, I had to buy it by the block. I was very curious whether […]

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WHHFD: Jacob-Inspired Vegan Lasagna

I promised my friend Jacob a non-dairy meal of his choice for his birthday present, and he chose lasagna. Since he’s just a dairy intolerant omnivore like me, I could have made a meaty non-dairy lasagna, but I decided to appease my vegetarian roommate and make a dish we could all eat. So that was how I began […]

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