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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts.  For a while I have been in “maintenance” mode — just trying to keep my head afloat among all the diapers, spit-up, and nursing sessions.  Now that I’ve got this mom thing sort of figured out, I have a bit more time and energy to look for good deals again. :) Here are all the things that I’ve done for the past week:

  • I requested my free diaper sample from Costco. In her first two months, Audra went through 613 diapers, an average of 10 diapers a day — that’s a lot of diapers! Every free sample helps :)
  • I’ve been participating in a 12-day Delve Market Research diaper study, so not only do we get free test diapers, but I get paid $170 to use and review them! That will go a long way towards our Christmas shopping.
  • Along the same lines, I’ve been collecting Pampers Gift to Grow points. They’ve been racking up fast! I’m currently at 1197 points. Enter code  SPC125WINTR12PA for 10 free points by Dec 9th.
  • I filled out this Facebook survey for a quick and easy 500 American Airlines miles for both Tony and myself.
  • Tony and I both signed up for this Amazon $5 off $25 promotional credit (Facebook offer). We have to use it before it expires tomorrow, which shouldn’t be too hard, since we do most of our shopping on Amazon these days. What did new moms ever do without Amazon Prime?!?!
  • For all our Amazon purchases, I try to go through the Hawaiian airlines shopping portal. Currently, you can earn 1 Hawaiian frequent flyer mile per $1 on everything you spend on Amazon (this will be changing soon, so take advantage while you can). Right now, you can also get 4% cash back from shopping at Amazon through Ebates and Fatwallet, but only on very limited rotating categories, which I never seem to be purchasing from. For example, right now Ebates is offering 4% cash back on Amazon purchases in handbags, women’s shoes, kids’ clothing, juniors’ clothing, baby clothing, beauty, personal care appliances, MYHABIT, and 3% cash back in the MP3 store.
  • We also both went to Home Depot and purchased $50 Home Depot gift cards for $40, using this Paypal promotion.  Click on this link, save the offer to your PayPal account, set up in-store payment, then go to Home Depot stores to redeem. Offer expires Dec 11th. You can opt to receive a PayPal payment card to be mailed to your home or just use your mobile phone number and a pin when you checkout. It took me all of 2 minutes to checkout using Paypal at the self-serve checkout.  Within 5 minutes, I also received a text message that I had saved $10 off my purchase.
  • I found a mail-in rebate at Safeway yesterday, where you get $20 off your $100 in-store purchase wyb a 9-pack or larger of Miller Lite, MGD, or Miller64.   I found a 12-pack of Miller Lite on sale for $10.99, making the rebate a $9 moneymaker. I went ahead and bought the beer and added a $50 Safeway gift card to my order to reach the $100 spend. Tony appreciates the free beer, so I’ll probably make a few more similar runs.
  • The reason I was at Safeway was to stock up on cheap kombucha. They have the lowest regular price of all grocery stores on GT Kombucha (regular price is $2.99 – the next cheapest is $3.50 at Sprouts).  Right now, it’s on sale for 2 for $5.00. Plus, I had a personalized coupon in my Just for U account for $3 off a $30 purchase.  I usually buy my kombucha while at Sprouts, because I’m a lazy/tired mama and like to do all my shopping at one spot. But by taking advantage of the Safeway sale, I saved $27 on two dozen!! Definitely worth the extra trip.


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    Loved your blog in the past. Glad you are posting again

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