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The holiday season always has the best alcohol rebates. While this past month has been particularly busy, I still made a point to hunt down some rebates and stock up on better than free alcohol!!

Here’s our stockpile:

Not pictured is the case of Coors Light that Tony already finished off. ;)

We bought three 18-packs of Coors beer for $14.99 each (along with Fry’s gift cards, which we will just use for future groceries), and will get rebates for $25, making that a $30 moneymaker. Also, thanks to Sheryl for pointing out the Yellowtail Rebate and the 30% off sale at Albertson’s.  I bought 12 bottles of wine for $33.57 after tax and $1 coupons (thanks mom), making them a $2.43 moneymaker after the $36 rebate.

All total, we picked up 36 bottles of  wine ($179.64 value) and 54 bottles of beer ($44.97 value) for better than free!

2 Responses to “‘Tis the Season (To Stock Up on Alcohol)”

  1. al says:

    found your b-day freebies on your old LJ acct. thanks and keep posting all the great deals around AZ!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, when is this picture going to change? We all want up-dates! And we know there are many………Love ya, Brooks

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