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You all know how much I love to double/triple/quadruple dip whenever possible. When I was offered to write a post on Fry’s new holiday gift card promotion, I said you betcha! Because that’s something I already take advantage of! I don’t even need a super fancy promotion to do it — but quadruple gas rewards makes it even better!

Here’s the skinny:

Kroger’s Promotion – Get Quadruple Fuel Rewards 11/20-12/11

Beginning November 20 and running through December 11, Fry’s will offer quadruple fuel rewards points on most gift cards sold at its in-store kiosk. The rewards points can be redeemed for discounts of up to $0.10/gallon on fuel at Shell stations and $1/gallon at Kroger Family Fuel Centers. The company is encouraging holiday shoppers to stop by Fry’s before they even start their holiday shopping, buy gift cards to use like cash, and save on fuel in the process. It’s a win-win!

Choose from retailers such as Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears, Starbucks, iTunes, Lowes, Gap and Old Navy, Chili’s and Best Buy, among many others.

If I know I’m going to be making a purchase at a particular store ahead of time, I often will run across the street to Fry’s and buy a gift card first.  For example, I often shop on Amazon, so if I have a big purchase to make, here’s what I do:

How to triple dip on gift cards
(credit card cash back + Fry’s fuel points + airline miles/online cash back)

  1. Determine how much your purchase will be, so you know how many gift cards to buy. I usually round down to an even $25 amount, so I don’t have leftover gift cards randomly laying around.
  2. Buy a gift card for that denomination at Fry’s. When you check out, use a credit card that gives cash back on grocery store purchases.
  3. Receive fuel rewards for your gift card purchase (normally 1 fuel reward pt for every $1 — so $100 in gift cards will give you 100 pts, or $0.10 off per gallon when you fill up at Shell/Circle K)
  4. Shop through a cash back shopping portal or frequent flyer shopping portal to earn cash back on your final purchase.
  5. Choose free in-store pickup or free shipping depending on the size of your order.

Regarding step #5 —  you want to make sure it’s a big enough purchase that you get free shipping or free in-store pick-up, otherwise you’ll pay shipping which sort of defeats the purpose of your cash back in step #4.

Because I like math and I like examples, let’s suppose you were buying $100 in Home Depot gift cards for a home renovation and you don’t have one of those nifty 10% off coupons that we all love so much.  So you buy a $100 gift card at Fry’s, then you make your purchase online through a shopping portal like eBates.  During the Fry’s holiday gift card promotion, you can earn up to 12% cash back (or more depending on your gas tank size!)!!

Example: Total cashback on $100 Home Depot purchase

1% on credit card = $1
4 fuel pts/$1 = 400 fuel pts = save $0.10/gallon on FOUR future fill-ups — {worth $6 supposing you have 15 gallon fill-ups}
5% cash back when you shop through eBates = $5
Total cashback: $1 + $6 + $5 = $12 = 12% cash back!!

A bonus? You can choose free in-store pick up while shopping online at Home Depot! (Or free shipping to your home on orders over $45)

Just be sure to read the restrictions on the cash back site. For example, under Home Depot on eBates, cash back is not available on orders where a Gift Card is used to purchase another Gift Card or any order for items that include Installation Services.

(credit card cash back + quadruple Fry’s fuel points + airline miles/cash back = winning!)


Speaking of winning, who wants a $25 gift card for Kroger (Fry’s)?

Just go here and enter your name and address to win a $25 gift card for the Kroger chain of stores. Entries taken until 11/30/11 at midnight MST, at which time the winner will be chosen randomly, contacted by email, and posted on the blog. Limit of one entry per person.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was given a $25 Fry’s gift card in exchange for this post and giveaway.

11 Responses to “Kroger (Fry’s) Holiday Gift Card Promotion + $25 Gift Card Giveaway!”

  1. Jacob says:

    I was about to say, is Fry’s x4 gas points really worth comiting your money to a specific store (no cash refunds) probably not, is it worth posting about to give your firends $25? Absolutly :)

    There is some statistic out there that %50 of gift cards are never used.

  2. Jacob says:

    O btw I got the Blue Cash Preferred from American Express which gives you 6% on Groceries, so buy buying gift cards I can extend that 6% to other stores like amazon :)

  3. Heather says:

    Jacob, you contradict yourself here! You say it’s not worth buying gift cards at the grocery store (I totally disagree btw), and then you go on to say that you have a credit card that allows you to get 6% cash back by buying gift cards like Amazon at the grocery store.

    So which is it? :)

    I would never advocate buying gift cards just for the sake of buying them. That’s too many things to have to keep track of (unless of course you can apply it immediately to your account like on Amazon). But I do advocate buying gift cards immediately before you use them for PLANNED purchases. So if I KNOW I’m making a purchase somewhere, and I don’t have to make it right this very second, I have no problem “committing my money to that store” by picking up a gift card at Fry’s first.

    With the holiday season coming up, a lot of us will be making planned purchases — so this promotion is very timely.

    And yes, you can juice up the savings by using a credit card that gives higher percentage cash back at grocery stores — I know that the Hilton Amex gives 6pts/$1 spent at grocery stores for example. I was just trying to cover the base case scenario (and most people get at least 1% cash back on their credit cards).

  4. Mako says:

    Can I buy Kroger gift certificate and still get 4x fuel reward? Because I know I have to buy food there every week.

  5. Heather says:

    Great question Mako! Unfortunately, Fry’s gift cards are excluded from the 4x fuel rewards (more info on the fuel rewards program can be found here, same rules apply during the promo). You do however continue to earn one fuel reward for every $1 you spend at Fry’s in addition to the 4x fuel rewards on gift cards.

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  7. Andrea says:

    I know you’re super busy these days but I’m so glad you are back to blogging! I’ve missed your posts! You and I think alike but you do all the hard work by typing up these awesome deals and providing detailed examples. I’ve already done the fry’s gift card deal once this week and when I go back for round 2 today I’ll be on the lookout for the coors rebate. Thank you for taking the time to post these deals! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Heather says:

    Thanks so much for commenting Andrea! It feels good to be missed :) You have no idea how much I miss blogging — can’t wait to start back up after the wedding when I have more time!

  9. Jacob says:

    Here is the thing, Lisa and I tend to return things alot more than I used to since I got married.

    So even if the purchase is planed, if you need to return it for any reason, suddenly you have to keep track of store credit.

    Amazon GCs are great, because I know I will buy stuff their and even if I return the product I will be able to easily keep track of it as it is stored in my account. Getting 6% off Amazon is a very good deal.

    But if I did the same thing for example at the GAP now I would have to keep track of that credit if I had to return it.

    For every $25 you commit to a gift card you get about $1.4 in gas (at least for my car) which is about 5.6% off. I didn’t realize it was that much off, that really isn’t that bad,

    So its worth it, if you are sure you are not going to return it.

    One more note, I am not 100% sure on how fuel points work, but I thought I read they don’t carry over month to month.

  10. Heather says:

    Yep, you probably read that on my blog ;) I wrote “Just make sure to use them before they expire, fuel rewards do not roll over and are only available through through the end of the following month in which they were earned.”

    So you have through the next month to use them. You wouldn’t want to rack up the fuel points too much unless you have say four vehicles to fuel up x2 months…then you could probably use them all. (I’m thinking those families in Phoenix suburbs with long commutes or large SUVs and multiple kids’ cars would benefit).

    Sounds like you might need an organizing system for all your store credit/gift cards ;) If you really have that many to keep track of, a filing index might work! Index it alphabetically and then check the file before you purchase something. Or just buy something else when you return things ;)

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