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I posted a while back that eBay cash back was suspended on 6/16.  It turns out, there is a loophole that allows you to shop through eBay.ca and still receive cash back on BigCrumbs for all your eBay purchases.

While eBay.com was removed, eBay.ca is still a part of BigCrumbs.  If you log into ebay.com, perform your search, then save it to your watched listings, you can then go through ebay.ca and bid on that same item and be eligible for cash back! Genius.

I just tested it out, and it’s true! You can still shop at eBay and get cash back (in a roundabout way)!!

Here’s how:

  1. Login to eBay and find the item you want to buy. Once you find the item you like, click the “Add to Watch List” link.
  2. In the same browser, login to your BigCrumbs account.
  3. Do a search for “ebay.ca.” On the results page, scroll down and click on the “Shop Now” button next to eBay.ca.
  4. Go to My eBay. You should find your item under Watch List.
  5. Click the Buy it Now button.
  6. Login to PayPal and pay for your purchase.
  7. Your cash back will show up in your BigCrumbs account in 1-2 weeks.

The Proof:

I received $1.23 cash back on a total purchase of $33.28 (including shipping and handling). That’s 3.7% cash back! That’s actually a bit better than the 3% cash back that Mr. Rebates used to offer.

eBay.ca pays based on a percentage of the seller’s total fee. You will get 36% of the seller’s total fees back. This includes insertion fees, final value fees, and any listing upgrade fees when applicable!  Note, the final value fees vary from 7% to 13% of the total cost to the buyer, including shipping and handling but excluding tax. This is one of the only instances I know where you get cash back on any shipping and handling that you pay!

To see an estimate of the eBay fees, see eBay’s fee page for individuals here and stores here.

Here’s a Simple Example:

I purchased two t-shirts from a store, and both were Buy It Now listings.  Here’s my best approximation of how the numbers played out:

Fixed price insertion fee for premium subscribers:
$0.05 x 2 = $0.10

Fixed price final value fee for clothing (10% of the total cost to the buyer):
0.1*($12.99+$13.99+$6.30 S&H) = $3.33

BigCrumbs cash back (36% of seller’s total fee):
0.36*($0.1+$3.33) = $1.23 cash back

The cash back actually posted in two separate listings per item, one for the purchase price, and one for the shipping and handling.  Since I bought two items, there were four different listings that sum to $1.23:

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  1. Paul says:

    As of 10/27/2011, Ebay.CA is no longer on Bigcrumbs.com.

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