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The first sweep of bonus miles from the 2011 Grand Slam have posted to everyone’s accounts. They were released in waves over the 29th-30th. I got nervous when some FT members had received their bonus miles yesterday, and I didn’t get mine, but I woke up today and the bonus miles had posted.

Apparently some people are receiving emails that tells them how many hits they’ve received.  I never received an email confirming my registration, nor the number of hits.  :(

Hilton HHonors Transfer Not Counting as a Hit During First Sweep

I had exactly 8 hits in my account by the cut-off date, so I should have received 10,000 bonus miles.  But I only got bonus miles for 4 hits:

9/29/2011 9/29/11 GRAND SLAM 2011 MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 4 3,000

I’m not the only one that has a discrepancy between the hits I have tallied, and the bonus that actually posted to my account.  According to this thread, there are several of us in the same boat.

Thankfully, Karlie19 from FT has already done some detective work and determined that the Hilton transfer of 850 miles did not count as a hit.  She was told by a CSR that the issue had been corrected, and the Hilton transfer would count in the next sweep. Here’s hoping!  If it doesn’t post during the next sweep, I’ll make a call to customer service myself.

Revised Strategy: 25,000 Bonus Miles for Me & the Mr.

Now that the Audience Rewards trivia miles are a confirmed hit, I’ll be swapping out my SPG points transfer for the Audience Rewards trivia hit (I need every last SPG point for our hotel on our honeymoon, so I’d rather not swap them to miles).

I still plan on only doing what I can get for free, which is 12 hits (15,000 bonus miles). You can see my tally of hits in my spreadsheet.

I also plan on completing 8 hits for Tony, for a free 10,000 miles (instead of my previously planned 4 hits). Here’s my plan for his account:

  1. Points.com transfer – already posted
  2. Amazon purchase – already posted
  3. Toolbar search – already complete/will post next week
  4. SPG dine – dined at an SPG hotel during RW; need to email receipt
  5. Audience Rewards trivia –  completed today
  6. Dividend Miles Dining – will go out to dinner sometime next week
  7. Like Thanks Again on FB – this is a BIG maybe, he doesn’t like to “like” anyone on FB; can also buy a Restaurant.com cert
  8. e-Rewards –  I have $25 in my account that I could use to transfer 500 miles to his DM acct
  9. magazine redemption – back-up option, he doesn’t have enough miles yet

Is anyone else playing? How many hits have you accumulated?

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