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It’s been a full month since my fun ambulance ride to the ER for my ruptured cyst. My bill from the ambulance came, and I had to pay a hefty $929.66 out of pocket for that ride! Most expensive taxi ride, ever!

I still haven’t received my ER bill from the CT Scan and ultrasound, but my deductible is only $1200, and everything after that I’ll only have to pay 10% anyway. I’ve been maxing out my HSA every year, so I’ll be able to reimburse myself with pre-tax HSA money. This is the exact reason why I have an HSA; it’s basically my medical emergency fund.

My ovaries are recovering as they should be. I went to my doctor for a 4-week follow-up, as I was concerned that I was still experiencing some pain.  He said the residual pain I was experiencing was normal, and it usually takes a good 4-6 weeks for the ovaries to recover from a ruptured cyst. (Hmm, no one told me that.) Apparently my peritoneum was still being irritated from the blood and other fluids that had spilled from the cyst. He was also shocked the ER never told me that I wouldn’t be able to exercise or have sex (sorry parents) for 4-6 weeks.  Um, yeah, they really should tell you these things. Talk about a death sentence!  Another reason to hate my ovaries!

I have a very important hike to Mt. Whitney coming up, and I’ve hiked only twice so far, while everyone else is doing crazy Grand Canyon training hikes. I need to pick up the training pace. This week, I can finally jump up and down, and plop down in my computer chair without sharp pain, so that’s good!

Now for today’s thrifty list.

  • I participated in a particularly lucrative (and fun!) e-Reward survey this week, where I got to download a free US Weekly magazine to Tony’s Nook color, and read it! They gave me $10 e-Rewards for doing it, and $5 to download the magazine. Get paid to get caught up on celebrity gossip? I don’t mind if I do!
  • I also got a $10 survey invite from Keynote, for evaluating an insurance website. Keynote pays in Amazon gift cards, my fave!
  • I fueled up at Circle K last week and got my $0.10/gallon discount for entering my Fry’s VIP number.
  • Picked up 40 more points on RecycleBank.  25 pts from the Tide Learn & Earn quiz, and 15 pts from the 3 banners on the right side. I’m now at 530 pts. Right now, you can get a free pair of sunglasses from Aveeno for 350 points. They’re Aviator shades, so I could be cool like Tony. Ooh la la.
  • The $60 annual fee came due on my Chased United MP Visa last month (from the 50,000 sign-up offer). I called to cancel the card, and that was the shortest length of time I’ve spent on the phone with customer service, ever. There was no transferring to a different department, no retention bonus offered, no asking to make sure, nothing, just an “Okay, we’ve cancelled your card according to your request, good-bye.” LOL, I feel unloved somehow. Of course, when Tony called, they offered him a no-fee annual card to replace it and what did he do? He canceled anyway. Apparently, the boy still needs training.
  • I signed up for Red Cross Racing, and got 250 RCR points just for signing up, which can be converted to 200 Best Buy Reward Zone points. It takes 250 Reward Zone points to cash in for $5 at Best Buy.  You can now get points everytime you donate blood, which I think is a great idea! I have a rare blood type,  O negative, (the universal donor), so I really ought to be donating more anyway.  Also, here’s a hint for other travel hackers out there: You can sign up for Points.com, and exchange your Best Buy Reward Zone points for frequent flyer miles. For example, 3 Reward Zone pts convert to 1 US Airways mile. You can also exchange miles between different frequent flyer programs. This is a great way to keep your miles from expiring!!
  • I completed my company’s Health For Life program, which basically just involves fasting for 12 hrs and having your blood taken, and then creating some health goals online. I’ll get a $250 discount on my 2012 medical plan, which equates to $250 cash directly deposited in my HSA account. This will be the second year I’ve gotten the HSA deposit, so that’s a total of $500 FREE in my HSA  just for getting my bloodwork done!!
  • It’s Friday, which means Mega Swag Bucks Day at Swagbucks! I performed a search and received 24 swag bucks.  I’m now 48 SB’s away from my next $5 Amazon gift card. :)

3 Responses to “Thrifty Odds ‘n Ends: The “My Ovaries are Recovering Nicely While My HSA Takes a Hit” Edition”

  1. Tiffany says:

    So glad you are feeling better! And I cant wait to watch your mom be traumitized at the mention of sex. Too funny!

  2. Heather says:

    LOL, Tiff, your comment made me crack up. I guess it will be a test to see if she actually reads it ;)

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