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Overall, this week has been a very NOT thrifty week for me.  I went to urgent care for extreme pain on Saturday, and long story short, they forced me to take an ambulance to the ER because my blood pressure was supposedly too low for Tony to drive me there myself. (which is BS, my BP is normally that low, but I was in so much pain I could hardly protest).

Anyhoo, after a fun ambulance ride and full ER-workup including CT Scan and ultrasound, I’m anxiously awaiting the bill.  I’m sure I hit my deductible, if not my out-of-pocket for the year.  In retrospect, there isn’t much I could have done to save any money. I would have paid much more than that just to put an end to the pain, but it still bites.

Oh yeah, final diagnosis for those of you that don’t know: ruptured hemorrhagic ovarian cyst (cyst filled with blood that ruptured).  For my family, you can read more about the symptoms here.  With PCOS, I have a long history of cysts popping, but this is the worst it’s ever been. The long-term fix for all my cystacular action? Have “my lady parts removed,” which is not happening anytime soon. So in the meantime, I just have to keep a stock of narcotics and anti-nausea medication on hand for future events, so that I can prevent future ER visits.

Oh, the joys of being a woman.

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve managed to do lately:

  • I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream lately. Almost every day this week (whaaat? don’t judge! it helps with pain!!) LOL. Thanks to my favorite local froyo place, Yollipop, for posting an awesome BOGO coupon in the moneymailer, two months in a row!  Their red velvet non-dairy frozen yogurt is seriously the answer. To what? Everything.
  • Signed up for a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living (my fav magazine!). I already ordered a subscription through RecycleBank, so this should hopefully extend my subscription even longer.
  • Picked up 60 more points on RecycleBank.  25 pts for the Dove quiz and 25 pts for the Purina quiz under “Earn Points.”  Then clicked on the two “Pledge and Earn” banners on the right side and accepted both of the challenges to get 5 more points for each. I’m now at 490 pts.
  • I have a trip to Fry’s planned, to take advantage of the Mega Event this week. I’m particularly looking forward to picking up my free gummy bears. ;) Sheryl and Juli both have excellent matchups that I refer to.
  • It’s Friday, which means Mega Swag Bucks Day at Swagbucks! I performed a search for 11 bucks… I’ve added 56 points to my account this week, mostly from codes on the blog. I’m 94 pts away from my next $5 Amazon gift card. :)
  • I haven’t mentioned it in the past, but Tony and I signed up for the Chase Southwest Visa a few months back.  I received $500 in Southwest gift cards (in increments of $100, $150, and $250) and a free round-trip ticket for meeting my minimum spend of $5000.  Now we’re working on Tony’s minimum spend. He just got his $150 gift card in the mail this week, which should come in handy for our upcoming trip to Oregon. In the end, we’ll have $1000 in SW gift cards, and two free round trips!  The Rapid Rewards program has been revamped since then, and the offer is no longer available, or I would have posted it. I’ve been ordering coins from the US Mint to reach the hefty $5K minimum spend (our UPS guys’ response: What, no diapers anymore? I can’t figure you guys out! bwahaha), and I just ordered hopefully the last case for a while. It will be nice when we’re not feeling the pressure to reach a spend…until the next big deal comes, of course. :)

5 Responses to “Thrifty Odds ‘n Ends: The “My Ovaries are Expensive” Edition”

  1. Dan says:

    What type of coins do you buy? Do you have any troubles at your local bank?

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Dan,

    I buy $1 Presidential coins from the US Mint. Mr. Pickles recently posted an extensive explanation of how it works.

    I didn’t have any trouble until recently when my local bank of choice stopped taking them. Luckily, I have multiple bank accounts to spread the love around :)

  3. Jacob says:

    Ok I get the Ice Cream helps with Pain, but doesnt it cause it? Can you deal with a lot of Darry?

  4. Heather says:

    Jacob, I used “ice cream” to mean cold delicious frozen treat. In this case, it was non-dairy frozen yogurt. (froyo). Yollipop makes my favorite flavor (red velvet) with rice milk!

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