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In January, I entered the New Years Survey Contest over at Hot Coupon World.  At first it started out as a little friendly competition, then I became slightly obsessed with winning (hehe, me? competitive?), and then I thought, hey, this would make a great blog post!  Sadly, I came in second, so I did not win the competition.  But I did make a lot more money than I thought I would.  My grand total for the month was $103!

Here’s a breakdown of my earnings:

Surveys Earnings
e-Rewards $21.85
MySurvey.com $13.59
Toluna $12.81
Valued Opinions $12.50
Mindfield $12.00
Opinion Outpost $12.00
FocusLine $8.00
CampusFundraiser $2.66
LiveWire Research $2.00
Swagbucks $1.59
MyPoints  $1.35
HCD Research $1.00
e-miles $0.85
YouData $0.80
Total $103.00


And because I’m a visual learner (and an engineer), here’s a pretty graph summarizing the results:

I’ve included links above for all open campaigns if you’re interested in joining any of them.  Many are affiliate links, which help run the site; so if you join through my link, thanks!

MySurvey.com (previously LightSpeed) just reopened up, after a long hiatus of not accepting new applicants.  Good news for you! They’ve always been one of my top-earning survey companies. They pay in Amazon gift cards and Paypal, among other options.

e-Rewards is currently by invite only through one of their affiliates, but if you update your US Airways or HHonors profile (and accept emails from them) you should get an invite from them. Your reward options will vary, depending on which affiliate you join through. I joined through US Airways, but I have many options (among my faves: US Airways, Southwest Airlines, Priority Club, HHonors). It’s hard to put a cash value on “e-Rewards” money, but for the purposes of this “experiment” I valued one e-Reward as equivalent to $1, since you can cash out $15 in e-Rewards for $15 in Borders Bucks. For those shoppers out there, you can cash out $25 in e-Rewards for $25 in Neiman Marcus Last Call (conveniently located at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe, btw). I find that e-Rewards pile up in no time, so you could have yourself a little shopping spree.

CampusFundraiser is also by invite only for followers of the MoneySavingMom website, and as far as I know there were a limited number of invites available.

e-miles is a program similar to MyPoints, where you click on advertisements to earn “e-miles” which can be converted to frequent flyer miles or hotel points.  It’s a great way of topping off your account, or keeping it active, or getting hits for the US Airways Grand Slam promotion. I valued each e-mile as $0.01, since that’s how I value US Airways frequent flyer miles.  You can join through the general link, and choose your sponsor after joining.  If you want to earn US Airways frequent flyer miles, then you can join here (you’ll get the equivalent of 275 US Airways miles just for joining). If you want to earn HHonors points, then you can join here. (you’ll get the equivalent of 550 HHonors points just for joining).  Hint: When filling out your profile, check ALL THE BOXES. Say you’re interested in everything, even if you aren’t, to increase the number of opportunities you receive.

Final Thoughts

For my January experiment, I was a survey-taking machine. I pretty much clicked on every single survey link that was sent to my inbox.  I made a point of sitting down at my computer before I went to bed and completing all surveys that I had received for that day (which made for some late nights!).  Normally, I only fill out surveys when I’m bored — a past time that I refer to as “bored money” (a term coined by Jonathan over at MMB). I figure, I might as well earn a little extra dinero while watching TV or movies, or sitting on the couch doing nothing (which is to say, isn’t very often). But if you were really serious about earning money from surveys, my little experiment shows that you could easily pull in hundreds of dollars each month, or over a thousand dollars a year!

I found it REALLY interesting that I earned roughly the same from the top 5 survey companies (excluding e-Rewards). There were two distinct tiers in the end, those that made $12-13/month, and those that made a couple of bucks.   If you’re interested in earning the most money, then I’d join these top five companies  first:  MySurvey.com, Toluna, Valued Opinions, Mindfield, and Opinion Outpost.

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