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Sorry for all the miles-related posts lately, but that’s where my head’s currently at, especially with the 30 deals in 30 days promotion for AA’s 30th anniversary going on right now. I’m trying to double-dip as much as possible in all the bonuses.

I was actually searching for a current AAdvantage dining bonus, and I couldn’t find one. I was googling for a good 5 minutes, and getting frustrated because I had a nagging feeling that I had seen one recently, when I finally remembered I had flagged a recent email with a 1,000 mile sign-up bonus. D’oh. Sometimes I need to do a better job checking internally before I check externally.

This new-member AAdvantage dining bonus is pretty short-lived. Unlike the United bonus, which goes through the end of the year, this particular link expires June 30, 2011.  To get 1,000 bonus miles, you have to register and spend a total of $30 or more (including tax and tip) at a participating restaurant, and then complete a post-dine review within 30 days of your dine. For complete details on this offer, click here.

What I liked especially about signing up for this bonus, is that once you join, you get a welcome email, AND an email confirming your bonus registration.  It’s always nice to have that proof in case something goes wonky and the miles don’t post on time.

Today I actually fly out to Oregon for business, and then Tony’s coming out to meet me for a little vacay time.  We’re renting a car when he gets there, and it just happens to be good timing with the AA promo (didn’t plan it that way, we rarely ever rent cars).

Here’s how I plan to quadruple dip in all the bonuses going on right now, by completing 3 activities (a shop, dine, and rental car):

  1. Registered for the 3,000 mile bonus promo for one shop, dine, and rental car by May 27th (April 20th deal)
  2. Registered for 3,000 mile bonus promo for 5-day rental car through Hertz through June 30th (May 6th deal)
  3. Will receive 500 bonus miles for completing $75 spend through eShopping mall by May 13th (no registration required)
  4. Registered for the new-member 1,000 mile bonus for AAdvantage dining program through June 30, 2011

That’s 7,500 extra miles for doing activities that I already planned on doing, with just a little registration pre-work. The rental car only cost us $150 for a week, and the online shop was for contacts that I get reimbursed for (so no out of pocket spend there), and the dine was selected as part of our weekly date night — so not considered an out of the way spend either.

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