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Some random odds and ends from the last week.

  • Won 200 AAdvantage miles for Tony and 200 miles for me in the fortune cookie instant win game.  Just click the “Don’t have a code” link to enter. After trying a billion times in the middle of the day, I tried one night late at night, and won 2 out of 3 times. I think they release so many miles throughout the day, so you might want to try in the off-hours for a better success rate.   You can keep entering with different email addresses until you win. Hint for gmail users: Just keep using the same email address, but add a period and change the location. i.e. abcd@gmail.com is the same as a.bcd@gmail.com and abc.d@gmail.com, but the instant win game sees it as separate email addresses. That way you should still receive the confirmation if you win.
  • Registered Tony and I for a new Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account and received 500 sign-up bonus miles.
  • Signed up for 500 free Moosejaw points. I also signed up for email subscription for 397 points, and texting for 100 points. I also sent an email answering which movie the quote “Not at the table, Carlos” is from, for another 100 points. You can get a Moosejaw tee for as little as 499 points (shipping is another 595pts). If you’re not a Moosejaw member, you can sign up here.
  • Picked up 35 more points on Recyclebank from the Green Your Home Challenge. I’m now at 420 pts. There’s a nice $10 off $30 or more at Bed, Bath. and Beyond coupon right now for 100 points. If you’re not a Recyclebank member you can sign up here.
  • Cap1 venture card – Tony and I received emails yesterday that Capital One matched our 100,000 miles. Sure enough, I checked my account, and I have 112,000 miles! Woot!  I think I’m going to cash in for two $900 Hyatt certificates (best redemption value out there, for 51,500 points a piece), for our honeymoon. So, between the two of us, we’ll have four hotel certificates worth $3600 total, all for freeeeeee. Not too shabby ;)
  • I received my Bzz kit for the CoverGirl NatureLuxe foundation and gloss balm (see pic below) and signed up for the BzzAgent Tresemme Color Revitalize campaign.  I’m actually a regular Tresemme user, so I can’t wait to receive my free Color Revitalizing shampoo and conditioner samples! If you’re not a BzzAgent yet, and want to receive your own free samples, you can sign up here.

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