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Right now I’m suffering from a bout of extreme fatigue, reminiscent of my North Carolina days. It comes and goes, usually hand-in-hand with my fibro and right before my period (sorry guys), which is so infrequent (thank you PCOS) that I luckily don’t have to deal with it that often. But this time is particularly bad and makes me want to crawl in bed and never get out.  No amount of coffee will fix it. After three cups, my eyelids actually feel HEAVIER, if that’s even possible.

I’ll make it through, and be rebounding with all sorts of energy in a week or two (at least that’s what I constantly tell myself to get through it), but in the meantime I find it exhausting to do everyday tasks. Like getting out of bed. Or taking a shower (Luckily for me, skipping showers actually preserves your horny layer. Yay for a healthy horny layer!). Or putting on my clothes. Driving, oh lordy, I could fall asleep while driving. Cooking and cleaning the house — well those things fall by the wayside, unfortunately.  It’s nice to have a partner to rely heavily on during these times.

It’s hard to explain these sorts of things without getting a rolling of the eyes and a “but you LOOK fine” in response. But that is the reality of having a health problem that is nearly invisible. I’m just fortunate my good days far outnumber the bad.

Tonight I have a date with David Sedaris. Okay, actually, me and about 3,000 other people at Gammage.  It’s sad when I have a hard time even getting jazzed about meeting my favorite (living) author.

So, considering that I barely have the energy to drag myself to work, and anything “extra” is taxing, I’m not in a particularly bloggy mood.

But I do take great pleasure in completing the small things, like today’s thrifty odds ‘n ends. I’m just getting around to posting some of these, so they’re expired and can’t be duplicated (see my long-winded explanation above, haha).

  • Just picked up my free Origins face wash at lunch time, as well as a free iced coffee at Starbucks for Earth day.
  • I’ve been waiting for a good deal on an 18-Volt drill. Yesterday I picked up a Bosch 18V lithion ion cordless drill with two batteries and a case for less than $100 after tax and coupon and 3% cashback on Mr Rebates. Thanks SD! Now I have a big girl drill to go with my big girl saw.
  • Got a pair of Anco windshield wipers for $16.68 after $15 rebate for Tony’s truck on sale at Amazon. Saved us a trip to the store (dang gas is expensive), and seems like a good deal for this brand.  
  • Tony and I both reached the $1K spend on our Cap1 Venture cards. The 10,000 bonus points hit our account the same day we reached the spend, now just waiting for the matching 100,000 points to hit once our statements close.
  • I liked Hilton Garden Inn on facebook for 250 free HHonors points (first  80,000 people get 250 free pts)
  • Picked up 145 more points on Recyclebank. 50 from Aveeno, 75 from the Green Your Home Challenge, and 20 from the P&G Future Friendly Challenge. I’m now at 385 pts, enough for a couple more magazine subscriptions. There’s a nice $10 off $30 or more at Bed, Bath. and Beyond coupon right now for 100 points. If you’re not a Recyclebank member you can sign up here.
  • Got a $10 Amazon GC from SheSpeaks for Insite (available to Amex cardholders only, expired)
  • Joined the Let’s Talk Scotch panel and filled out a survey for $5 (survey now closed)

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