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I’m so extremely ecstatic right now! {okay, so I might be on a little caffeine buzz, but still…}

I have completed TWO major milestones today.

#1 – Taxes are done. {Don’t forget to check out my post from last year for some commonly missed deductions that can save you $$!}

#2 – Our flight to Italy is fully booked and paid for!!

Our itinerary:

Outbound: PDX-PHX (40-day layover)- LHR-FCO


The best part? We’re flying in business class, baby! This trip cost us 100,000 AA miles each, for a total of 200,000 miles.

We were able to use Phoenix as our North American Gateway on the outbound trip, which means you can have an unlimited layover. So we snuck in a completely free flight from Portland to Phoenix on May 18th in FIRST CLASS!  (I have a business trip planned that week, so my flight going there will be free, Tony just has to meet me up there.)

Tony requested the most direct flights possible, and this late in the game, this is the best I could do. We’re flying directly from Phx on the outbound, with a layover in London, then a hop-over to Rome. On the way back, we’re flying from Venice to Madrid, then Madrid to Chicaco, with a overnight layover in Chicago before we head back home.

Our taxes + booking fee came to ~$400 each. Considering we got a free one-way from Portland to Phoenix in first class, plus a round trip to Italy all in business class — I’d say we made out like BANDITS!!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Excellent work! And I hope you guys have a FANTASTIC time in Italy!

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