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A long while back, I made Pioneer Woman’s blackberry ice cream. The color of this ice cream is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a lot of work straining the seeds out of the blackberries, but the end result is smooth and creamy and worth all the effort.

Unfortunately, the container lived in our freezer for nearly a year, uneaten. I finally ended up tossing the rest of it out during a freezer cleanse (I know, outrageous). It turns out, neither one of us can stand the taste of creamer in our ice cream. (I thought it would be more subtle – I was wrong!!) And apparently we don’t have enough guests over to pawn our ice cream off on!

As soon as I get my hands on more blackberries, I’ll be trying it again. After all, the texture was silky perfection and the color is divine. I’ll just be substituting whole milk for the half-and-half. :)

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