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Last night, I had quite the evening with David Sedaris. It started with me laughing my butt off while listening to him read essays from his books, excerpts from his diary, and jokes from his book signings.  He took questions from the audience at the end, and his impromptu responses were even hilarious. The guy is funny.

After the show, my girlfriend and I got in line to get David’s autograph. And then we waited. And waited some more. Unfortunately, we had cheaped out and bought balcony seats (my bad), so we were basically in the back of the line after our long hike from the balcony.

We waited in line from 9:30PM to ~12:45AM.  And really, there wasn’t that many people in line.  It was only a fraction of the size of the line I waited in for Pioneer Woman’s cookbook signing.  However, David Sedaris is a talker.  He likes to chat with every single person. I was actually quite nervous in the beginning when I saw how it worked, because anyone that knows me knows that I FREEZE under pressure, and my mind goes blank, and I stammer and turn red and what on earth was I going to say to my favorite author? I was just here to get his signature, man! Not be put on the spotlight! In the end, I was so delirious, that I really just wanted out of there and my nerves were long gone.

Our moment with David Sedaris consisted of him guessing our astrological signs (he guessed wrong), and asking for a joke.  He collects jokes from his tours in a tiny little book, that he reads from at the podium. He shared with us a sex joke about nurses. It was actually quite funny. He also gave advice to Jen about her friend that wants to be an author. His advice? Tell him to stop wasting his time blogging, that won’t get him anywhere, and just right a book! and forget about the pressure to produce something or “be someone” by 30. David Sedaris didn’t publish his first book till he was 35. Wise words, that make me feel better about my impending 30th birthday. Gulp.

Unfortunately, David Sedaris has a strict no photography rule. Bummer, since I had lugged my big, heavy camera with me, and now had to carry the darn thing in my purse, over my aching shoulder for hours.  But after seeing how long it took just to get autographs, I can’t imagine how long it would have taken with each person posing for a photo.

So, no photo of he and I together. Just an autograph and an evening to remember.

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