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Do those bees, pigeons, or bedbugs got you down?

Well then, you’re in luck, because BuyWithMe has a hot Phoenix deal for 88% off services from ValleyPro Pest Control. {Under Phoenix, on the right hand side, select “See More Deals.”  There’s currently 3 days left to snag this deal.}

$15 will get you an initial pest examination and spray if you need it, normally a $120 value!  Plus, if you’re new to BuyWithMe, you can sign up through my referral link for a $5 bonus, bringing the cost down to $10.

Details: Limit 1 voucher per residence, unlimited gifts. Valid for pests of all types except termites. Includes interior and exterior examination. Voucher expires 01/16/2012.

They have high ratings over at Kudzu, and from the reviews it looks like they’re pros at taking care of pigeons, bees, and bedbugs (eww). I love how the girl who had bedbugs wrote “I’m not dirty, I got them from my office!” LOL

I’m thinking of buying one of these vouchers to have on hand, for when the $*#%& pigeons start roosting in the tree over my driveway and crapping on my car. They absolutely drive me nuts.  Or if the ants decide to come back and take over my kitchen.  This is cheaper than more ant bait. Man, pests are a pain.

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