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Welp, it looks like the Zaycon chicken sales event is sold out at all three AZ locations this weekend!

I hope everyone got in their order that wanted to! Glad I snuck my order in yesterday :)

Funny aside: My Irish co-worker once heard me say “snuck” and challenged me that my English grammar was incorrect, and the proper past tense of “sneak” was in fact “sneaked.” So, to Webster’s dictionary we went, and guess what? Both pronunciations are correct.  You should see his nose crinkle in dissatisfaction when he says the word “snuck”!

If you missed out this go-round, they should be back again soon.   You can also put your name on the waiting list if you’ll be in town this weekend, and they will call on a first-come-first-served basis if they have any extra.

If you’re outside the Phoenix/Tucson area, don’t despair — if enough people from your area register with Zaycon, they may bring a chicken sales event to you in the future! So pass on the word and go register for a future event now!

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