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Yesterday I did a Staples run during lunch (luckily there’s a store about 8 mins away from work, there isn’t one anywhere near my home). I couldn’t resist all the Free After Rebate items available this week.

More info in this SD thread.

I also cashed in some of my Recyclebank points to get a $10 off 50 Staples coupon. You can print one out for only 75 points.  After coupon, tax, and rebate, I got everything in the picture for only $0.60!

Plus Staples rebates really are EASY. You just submit them online, and they now have an option where you can have them deposited in your Paypal account.

My order looked like this, in case you want to duplicate it:

1 Pentel RSVP Ballpoint Pens, 5 Pack $ 2.00
2 Staples Gold Paper Clips, 200 Packs $ 4.00
2 #10 Security Envelope, 100 Packs $ 10.00
2 HP Everyday Photo Paper, 50 Packs $ 17.98
2 HammerMill CopyPlus 500 Sheet Reams $ 11.98
5 $1 Fillers $ 5.00
Subtotal: $ 40.96
Tax (8.8%): $ 3.60
Rebates: ($ 43.96)
Coupon: ($ 10.00)
Grand Total: $ 0.60

I was really excited to pick up the security envelopes, and I can always use more printer paper.  (Does it sound like I print a lot of coupons and mail a lot of rebates? bahaha)

I also had fun picking out my fillers.  I could have gotten 3 fillers and a candy bar for $1.07, and  that would have made my order a $0.33 moneymaker. But I actually could use everything I picked up: freezer bags, notepad, Avery rectangular labels, and dry erase markers.

You have until tomorrow (3/9) to pick up the FAR items.

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