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My $1.95 Fry’s Order

I had a fun little Fry’s run yesterday. I actually USE everything in the picture (vs stocking up on only free things — trying to limit that these days). Well, except for the candy. That’s for a certain sweet tooth in the house.

Here’s a breakdown of my order:

2 x Las Palmas @ $1.88 – $1 printable = $0.88ea
3 x 7th Gen Paper Towels @ $1.94 – $1 printable – $1 WF printable = FREE
3 x 28oz Muir Glen tomatoes @1.89 – $1 printable – $1 WF printable = FREE
2 x Skittles  @ $0.50 – $1/2 printable = FREE
2 x Starburst @ $0.50 – $1/2 printable = FREE
4 x Fage Greek yogurt @ $0.99 – $2/2 printable (must like on FB & spam 2 of your friends, hehe) = FREE
3 x Yoplait Greek Yogurt @ $1.00 – $0.30 printable (here and here) = FREE
1 x egg beater – free Q (no longer available) = FREE

You can also get Chobani greek yogurt for free, but my Fry’s was all out. They’re on sale for $1, use the $0.30 printable here.

I mainly went in for the Las Palmas enchilada sauce. The large 28oz cans are on sale for $1.88 this week, and there’s a $1 coupon at the website, making them $0.88 each — stock up price for me!

I was really excited to find the 7th generation paper towels — the single rolls are on sale for $1.94 right now at my Fry’s, and with the $1 printable + $1 Whole Foods coupon, that makes them free! (They’re located in the organic section, not with the other paper towels.)

But even better — guess what I spied on all the Seventh Generation dish soap bottles? $0.75 off any Seventh Generation hang tags!! Those are worth $1, so if you can find those, you can stack those with the WF coupons and get even more paper towels FREE! (The Whole Foods coupons have no print limit.)  Be on the lookout for the jumbo rolls, they were on sale for the same price as the regular sized rolls.

Also, not all Fry’s have the same Muir Glen selection, but right now the BIG sized (28oz) cans of diced and whole tomatoes are on sale at my Fry’s for $1.89, so when you combine the $1 printable with the Whole Foods $1 coupon, you actually make money.  You can also get tomato paste for free, that was on sale for $0.74 I believe.  I’m all set for diced tomatoes and paste, but I’m totally going to stock up on the whole tomatoes!

I also scoped out Whole Foods prices. Whole Foods actually has teeny sized cans of Muir Glen tomato sauce for $0.99 everyday price.  So you could get unlimited cans of tomato sauce, just using their $1 store coupon!  No stacking required. Their everyday price for cans of 15oz diced tomatoes are $1.99, so you could also combine the $1 printable + WF coupon to get them free if you want.  Right now they’re on sale for $1.50, so you might have to have the cashier adjust the coupon down.

I’ll be sticking to Fry’s though.  Their sizes are bigger, and it’s a much better deal. :)  See size comparison below – the two on the left are from WF, the one on the right is from Fry’s.

5 Responses to “My $1.95 Fry’s Order”

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  2. Juli says:

    Thanks for the Whole Foods match ups, Heather. I haven’t made it there this week and my store doesn’t carry the Muir Glen products. I hope you don’t mind, but I added them to my Fry’s match ups. (There’s a link to you. If you prefer can I change it to “Heather” instead of your blog name, let me know.”)

    I think I found your blog by seeing an incoming link from here. Thanks for putting my link on the side. I appreciate it. Happy saving!

  3. Heather says:

    Hi Juli! Please feel free to share anything, that’s why I post deals in the first place so others can benefit :) I consider your weekly match-ups to be an invaluable resource, so thanks!

  4. […] Seventh Generation Paper Towels (single roll)  $1.94    (haven't verified if same price this week, please comment if you go) $1 Whole Foods printable (use w/ coupon below) $1 printable (register) Final price:  FREE w/ both coupons (Thanks, Lanaye!) […]

  5. Trini says:

    You can also load a $1 off any Seventh Generation product on your VIP card through frysfood.com :)

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