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Here’s an interesting Groupon: $7 will get you $15 to spend on a purchase at eBay! I’m definitely hooking myself up with one of these.

To take advantage of this offer you must have both a Paypal account and an eBay account.  Only one of these Groupons per person. There is no expiration date!!!

You can even buy something super cheap with this offer because the voucher CAN cover shipping and taxes, and it can be used over multiple purchases – a rarity on Groupon!

This would be great for buying coupons on eBay, for example!

Don’t forget to go through one of these sites to get cash back on your Groupon purchase!

– Big Crumbs: 6.4% cash back on Groupon purchases
– Mr. Rebates: 6% cash back on Groupon purchases (+ $5 sign up bonus)
– Ebates: 3% cash back  (+$5 sign up bonus)
– Shop Discover: A whopping 15% cash back if you use your Discover card!!

To get your cash back for this deal, it’s a little tricky.  You would have to click through a cash back site and then replace the city name in the link with “deals/ebay.”  So, for example, if you go through Mr. Rebates, and it sends you to the deal page for Phoenix, go up and replace “Phoenix” in the URL with “deals/ebay.” Make sense? Of course, that is the only way I figured out how to do it — let me know if you find a better way!

Also, this deal is a little different than normal Groupon deals. It requires you to put in your credit card information, even if you have Groupon credit in your account. They say that they will  use credit if you have any, but it still requires your cc info.

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