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Bye Bye Christmas

Yesterday, I finally got around to putting away the last of my Christmas decorations. There’s no longer a little pile of ornaments and decorations tucked in the corner of my front room. It was small, but cluttersome. {A little piece of me dies when I say good-bye to Christmas. Just. So. Hard. Tony always has to take down the Christmas tree the first week of Jan, or else I’d leave it up all year!}

Heather = +1, Christmas Clutter = 0. Yay!

The famous Christmas card wall only made it to the first week of March this year:

I’m beginning to miss it already. :P

In an effort to combat the eternal Christmas Card wall, my mom gave me a pretty gold Christmas tree decorative card holder as a gift this year. It’s this ornate little thing that can be displayed on a table, or expanded (if you have a LOT of cards) and stand on the floor. I forgot to ever take a picture of it, but it was definitely a thoughtful solution to a, ahem, problem of mine. LOL!

Any clutter out there that you have a hard time getting rid of? Maybe that pesky pile in the back room? On your desk? In the garage? Please make my day and tell me I’m not the only clutter-avoider. :)

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  1. Tiffany says:

    You haven’t seen my office. I haven’t tackled it in a year. :)

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