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Over at BuyWithMe, you can save some serious $$ on getting your hair done! $25 gets you a cut, style, blow dry and partial highlights at Salon X in Scottsdale ($130 value).

This is an insane deal, if you’re willing to try out a new stylist.

You wanna know how I know that this is an insane deal??!?!

My one regular splurge is getting my hair “done,” an unfortunate requirement of keeping my lovely blonde locks looking as natural as possible (isn’t that ironic?). Every 8-12 weeks, I get a cut, style, blow dry, and partial highlights. I normally pay {Are you ready for this? Because it hurts me to say it out loud!} anywhere from $150-175. My last check was $155, including tip. And that’s a really good deal, out of my hairdresser’s home, I get a kitchen sink discount. :)  When I go to an actual salon, I’ve paid $20-30 more than that.  And if I get full highlights (not partial), then I pay even more.

Note: This is expensive, and goes against my whole “frugal” way of living and everything, but there are certain pleasures in life that are worth splurging on. Getting my hair done is one of them. I drive an old beater car and clip coupons and all that jazz to help economize the other splurges in my life.  ‘Nuff said. ;)

So, yeah, to pay $25 for haircut and highlights is an absolute steal.

Salon X is a sidebar deal over at BuyWithMe right now (select Phoenix, then look on the right hand side under “More Deals.”) There are two more days to pick up this deal.  Click here to check it out!

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