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Just a few random things that I’ve done to be thrifty lately.

  • I was accepted into my first Focus Research group last week through Vocalpoint. I worked extra hard on my “homework assignment,” which was to make a collage about the product using magazine clippings. When I showed up, there were too many people so they sent all the extras home, and still gave us a crisp $100 bill for our time. Easiest $100 ever!
  • I found a few $10 coupons in the new Parents magazine at B&N, and ordered two more boxes of free diapers from Amazon.  The UPS man asked Tony if we were expecting, and he said, “No, just stocking up!” — he must think we’re crazy :)
  • My $5.00 free credit from Cox posted to my account!
  • I signed Tony up for an American Express PASS Teen Card (a prepaid reloadable Amex card geared for teens, but anyone can open one). Through March 31, 2011, if you load $25 on the card, you get a $25 bonus.  The $3.95 monthly fee is waived through October 2011. The fine print says to receive the $25 bonus, you must be the named recipient on the mailing, so be on the lookout for a targeted mailing!!  Both Tony and I got one in the mail, so that’s $50 extra in our pocket!
  • I got my $10 Costco gift card in the mail for signing up for auto pay on my Verizon bill, per this post.
  • I was rummaging through my desk drawer and noticed a flyer for a $20 bonus that I should have received for paying three or more bills with my debit card. I went and checked and the bonus never posted by 12/15/10, so I sent a message to Chase and they posted the bonus to my account this week. It pays to keep records of everything (and stay on top of it)!
  • I added a few more points to my Recyclebank account.  Several of the offers have reset with the site redesign (I got 30 points from MillerCoors again and another 40 points from Naked). I’m now up to 410 points.
  • Today I ordered a Harkins VIP 2-pack for only $2.75 from CityDeals, using a 15% code and a $10 off code I got from a survey that was about to expire. Cheap movie date!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    The story about Tony & the UPS guy made me smile. You two crack me up. Have fun stocking up!

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