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Since I have wedding on the brain, I’m noticing some random wedding related deals.  That will probably happen for the next ten months or so. Just sayin’!

For example, yesterday Groupon had a 50% gift certificate for lingerie at Fascinations (bachelorette gift, anyone?), but I didn’t get that one posted in time and it’s expired.

Today’s Deal at Mamapedia:

Today there’s a fab Rent the Runway deal available at daily deal site Mamapedia!  $40 will get you $100 worth of credit at Rent the Runway!  PLUS, PLUS, PLUS, if you’re a new Mamapedia user, and you clear your cookies and click on this link, you should get a pop up window to sign up for a free $5 credit, like below.

(That’s the same trick that I outlined in this post.)  That brings the final cost down to only $35 for $100 worth of credit!! That’s a whopping 65% off the rental price.

$100 can EASILY get you a dress + jewelry rental! It’s one of the “sideline deals,” so check the sidebar if you can’t see it immediately when you go to Mamapedia. It looks like the deal is good through midnight, tomorrow (Wednesday).

How is this wedding related? Well I saw someone mention that you could have your bridesmaids get their dresses from Rent the Runway. That’s not a bad idea, you know. Especially with this Mamapedia deal, you could have your ladies wearing designer dresses at a fraction of the cost that David’s Bridal would charge, and they won’t have an ugly blue smurf dress hanging in their closets forever {just pulling on my sister’s recent experience here}.

If you’ve wanted to try out Rent the Runway but haven’t wanted to pay the full rental price I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of this deal.  I’ve never seen Rent the Runway on any daily deal site before and any way you look at it this deal is just phenomenal.  Voucher is valid through December 31, 2011. It’s also valid towards rental fees, taxes, shipping, and insurance.

I’ve seen my favorite fitness blogger, Fitnessista, mention Rent the Runway quite a few times, and I’ve been wanting to try the site out.  The only problem is, I haven’t gone anywhere where I’ve needed a fancy dress to impress! 2011 just may be the year of dressing up for me. I’m also highly scared of ordering a dress I’ve never tried on before, but you get to choose two sizes to ensure a fit and return shipping is included.

I’m thinking a 30th birthday party dress (eeeeeeeeeek did I just say that out loud)? Or a lovely backless number for the Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Awards (last time I went with my friend Jen and we were seriously underdressed!)

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  1. Trini says:

    Wedding Channel deals had the same deal yesterday. If you haven’t yet, you should sign up for those too, deals.weddingchannel.com they have deals for brides. :)

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