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I made a quick trip to Fry’s and Safeway this afternoon.

Right now at Safeway, if you purchase $50 or more in gift cards and a bouquet you get a free $10 coupon off your next order.  Since I needed to buy something off Amazon anyway (for our bonus room/gym makeover), I stopped at Safeway and purchased two $25 Amazon gift cards and a $4.99 bouquet.  I was at the customer service desk and there was no catalina machine, so they gave me a $10 gift card instead.  So first stop was a $5 moneymaker for me!

Plus I have some lovely yellow Sennas Alstroemeria to cheer me up. :)

Next stop was Fry’s where I threw together a couple batches of Mega Promo items.  I desperately needed the cling wrap (full price, ouch) and the Jet Dry ($0.49 each after Mega Sale and coupons). The dozen wings were a nice treat for Tony to snack on while watching the Super Bowl (free after $3.96 ecoupon, thanks to Juli for the heads up!).  I wasn’t holding my breath, since my local Fry’s cashiers are coupon nazis, but the cashier actually just ran most of my coupons through, including the $1.50 printable for the Wholly Guacamole. No beeping either! They’re currently on sale for $1.00 each, so each one gave me $0.50 overage.

My total at Fry’s (everything pictured, minus the flowers) came to only $5.66.

So overall, the two trips were nearly a wash, and I ended up paying just under a buck for everything, including tax! Not bad.

I don’t have a lot of time for planning mega coupon runs these days, but promotions like the Fry’s Mega Sale are too good to pass up.

3 Responses to “Fry’s Mega Run + Safeway Gift Card Promo”

  1. Jacob says:

    OK not nearly as good,

    but got some nice candy this weekend.

    Safeway has there mars products 2 for 2, so I bought a snickers paired it with a BOGO coupon I got in the paper and ended up with 4 candy bars for the price of a snickers :)

    Also had 50 cents off airheads and mentos making them free once they doubled the coupon :)

  2. Heather says:

    Haha, niiiiice Jacob! Leave it to you to seek out the candy deals. You should pick up some flowers for Lisa, and get some gift cards that you will use with the Valentine’s promo — you’ll make $5 and make Lisa’s day (and you don’t even have to tell her the flowers were free!)

  3. Jacob says:

    Can you believe it she doesn’t like flowers!

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