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This morning I was able to get a Bounce Dryer refill for only $0.28 cents after subscribe & save, ecoupon, and $5 rebate! But it looks like now the price went up, the coupon is no longer available, and it’s no longer S&S eligible. D’oh.  Must have been the SD effect ;) 

My Review of the Bounce Dryer Bar

Note: I don’t use liquid fabric softener. This review is comparing the Bounce Dryer Bar to the Bounce Dryer sheets. This review is totally, 100% uncompensated — I just thought it would be fun to experiment with a new product!

I recently tried the Bounce Dryer Bar as an alternative to dryer sheets, for a couple of reasons: I had run out of dryer sheets and our clothes were getting horrible static cling; I had a $2.50 coupon for the bar; Eliminating a step while doing laundry intrigued me.  I’ll try anything once!

So I picked up the dryer bar at Safeway for $2.95 after coupon/tax, and have been using it for just over a month. I’d say it’s been working pretty well, actually.  I have a top loading dryer {oh, man, how do I LOVE this!! No back-breaking maneuvers to fill the dryer anymore!}, and I couldn’t find any reviews of the bar inside my particular dryer,  so to say I was apprehensive at first would be an understatement.

Here’s a picture of the bar inside my Fisher Paykel top-loading dryer. I installed it on 1/18/11.

The only things I notice that still come out of the dryer with static are our fleece garments. I have fleece pants, and Tony has a fleece jacket that comes out of the dryer quite crackly. Also, his Under Armour shirts are a little clingy. If I really wanted to, I could rub the offending garments over the bar before removing them from the dryer, but it doesn’t bother me enough to do so. My towels are static-free now, which is a vast improvement from when I ran out of dryer sheets and did a load of towels without sheets or bar!

So, the Bounce Dryer bar is not 100% as static-free as the dryer sheets, but pretty darn close.  I do like not having to fumble in the cupboard and grab a sheet and add it to the dryer each and everytime I throw a load in there. And the absolute best part? Not having to hunt down the stray sheet that’s always clinging to a towel or hiding inside a pair of underwear, and then having to throw it away. I hate throwing that darn sheet away. So the bar gets +2 points for efficiency.

Also, some other reviews have mentioned streaking on dark clothes. I’ve seen no streaking or spots on my darks, whatsoever. I’ve had no problems with the adhesive falling off, yet. I do have an energy efficient dryer that adjusts the heat setting depending on the dampness of the clothes, so that may help the adhesive last longer.

I’m waiting to see how long the bar lasts me, so I can get a final cost breakdown. If I can continue to pick up refill bars cheap/free like I did this morning, then I’ll keep using it. I was willing to pay $2-3 to try it out, but I’m not going to pay what they’re asking for retail ($6+ for three months??) when dryer sheets actually perform a little better and are MUCH cheaper.

Also, I usually buy laundry products that are free of scents or perfume. Unfortunately, the Bounce dryer bar only comes in two scents: Fresh Linen or Outdoor Fresh.  I went ahead and tried out the Fresh Linen starter kit, since that seemed less obnoxious of the two scents.  It hasn’t bothered me so far, and in fact I totally forgot about the scent until I sat down to write this review.  Today’s Amazon refill deal was only for the Outdoor scent, so we’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve been wondering about this product. PS- I have seen fregrance free bounce bars at Target!

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