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There’s been a lot of buzz in blogland about the stackable diaper codes on Amazon, and I was itching to participate.  I mean,  absolutely FREE diapers? Who knows when that’ll happen again.  I asked Tony if I should stock up on free diapers, and to my surprise, he said “Go for it!”

So this morning I went and picked up some free magazines with 20% off codes from BRU, and I picked up a Fit Pregnancy magazine with a $10 off code from Target.

Here are the three coupons:

Then, because I’m not yet a mom, I signed my mother up for an Amazon Mom membership and used her account to get 30% off diapers by selecting Subscribe & Save delivery.  I always select 6 months, so I have plenty of time to cancel, and then after the diapers are delivered I’ll just go in and cancel the Subscribe & Save subscription.

Note: If you’re a mom, dad, or other caregiver of a child, and you haven’t signed up for Amazon Mom membership, you should! It’s free to sign up, and you get FREE 2-day shipping with an Amazon Prime for 3 months.  The free 2-day shipping is extended by a month for every order over $25 you make in the Baby store, up to a year.  Although the Amazon Mom program is geared towards caregivers of young children (with the 30% discount on diapers & wipes), it doesn’t matter how old your kids are.

Here’s the transaction I did:

Huggies Little Snugglers, size 2, 144-ct $32.75
-30% Amazon Mom + Subscribe & Save Discount: -$9.65
-$10 Amazon Baby coupon (found in Feb/Mar ’11 Fit Pregnancy): -$10.00
-20% off YT Code (found in Feb ’11 Baby Talk): -$6.55
-20% off YJ Code (found in Feb ’11 American Baby) : -$6.55

Total before tax: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Grand Total: $0.00

Basically, any diapers under ~$33 will be FREE.  I’ve included a screenshot of my order below, so you can see how the math worked out.

In order to get two 20% off coupons to stack, you have to use one YJ code and one YT code.  The YT code can be found in Baby Talk magazines, and the YJ codes can be found in American Baby magazines. When I stopped by the BRU that is 5 mins down the street from me, there were literally hundreds of both of these magazines, all with codes of them.

The $10 Amazon code is a little more elusive. KC goes into detail where to find them in this post.

All the Baby Talk magazines and American Baby magazines that I checked at my BRU only had 20% off codes, no $10 codes.  So I went ahead and picked up a Fit Pregnancy magazine for $5.95 at my Target (across the street from BRU, how convenient) — I had a leftover Target gift card and didn’t want to spend too much time hunting one down. The Fit Pregnancy magazines are plastic wrapped, so there’s no way to get the code without opening the plastic. There’s also a B&N in that same shopping center, I should have checked there for some $10 codes…

One more note on the Amazon codes:  Each YT, YJ, or $10 off code is only good ONCE. Once you have used that particular code, it cannot be used again on any account.  Additionally, each type of code is only good once per account. This means that you can only use one YT, one YJ, and one $10 off code per account. You CAN, though, stack all three codes and use them in the same order.

Anyway, this was fun! I think I’ll “borrow” some more Amazon accounts and order a few more packages. I like this free diaper high ;)

5 Responses to “Amazon: FREE Diapers After Stacked Coupons!”

  1. Janae says:

    THIS IS SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! I got the 2 20% off coupons and was holding onto them (I’m not in a rush to spend $17+ I guess…) now I just need to hunt down the $10 coupon!!! Thank you for posting this! Do you mind if I post this info with a link to your blog on my blog??? Thanks for sharing the great news!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Janae, go ahead and share away!! We’re all helping each other here! So glad you didn’t use your codes yet =) Let me know where you find a $10 code, I’ll be looking myself for a couple more!

  3. Mako says:

    Heather! I just did it, too. I got 140 ct Huggie Size 4 for 7 cents!! plus the Fit Pregnant magazine for $6.50 at Walgreen (the magazine is like $5.95, but plus tax) so I got it for $6.57. That was great! I usually pay $40 for size 4, 200 ct at Costco, so great deal. I get American baby magazines delivered to my house, and I found the 20 % off from Jan and Feb. one was YJ, and one was TY. But I want to do a couple of more, so I am planning to go to BRU this week to pick some more magazines. so today we had Super Bowl party at my house, and some people asked me why I have Fit Pregnancy magazine. I had to explain…… Thanks!!!!!! I LOVE these diaper deals. Never you can have too much diapers, right?

  4. […] found a few $10 coupons in the new Parents magazine at B&N, and ordered two more boxes of free diapers from Amazon.  The UPS man asked Tony if we were expecting, and he said, “No, just stocking up!” […]

  5. tiffany dover says:

    My baby talk magazine that I got in the mail did not come with any code…no 20% or $10…I’m bummed.

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