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The winners of the 40lb case of chicken are:

Angeline, who says she will

“Make chicken quesadillas, chicken and corn soup, BBQ chicken… And I will def research new chicken recipes!”

and Kellie, who follows my blog!

Congratulations, ladies! You better get going on researching those recipes, Angeline! 

I have contacted both winners by email to let them know that they have won.

You guys sure gave me lots of good ideas for using the chicken, and I’ll be posting some of my favorite chicken recipes in the upcoming week as well. With my grandfather’s passing, I didn’t get a chance to personally review the Zaycon chicken like I wanted to, but I will be picking up some on the 22nd and posting a review (and pictures!) after that. Maybe I’ll see you in Gilbert on pick-up day?

Though the giveaway is over, you still have through Saturday, January 15th to place an order for chicken at $1.49/lb at Zaycon’s website.  (I just spoke with JC, the owner, and they’ve already received enough orders to fill one truckload, and there’s a chance they will reach the maximum capacity of the 2nd truck and sell out before the 22nd. So place your order soon if you’re procrastinating!)

Stay tuned, I have another fun giveaway coming up!

3 Responses to “Two Winners of Zaycon Foods Chicken Giveaway”

  1. angeline says:

    very exciting, i emailed you back :) thanks again!

  2. Trini says:

    My supersticious self wants to know what the numbers were. :)

  3. Heather says:

    Trini, I knew you would. The #’s were 46 and 53.

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