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Here are some good deals to kickstart your weekend!

Oster Blender for $24.99

I have an Oster blender, from, I don’t know, the 80s? It looks like it’s from the 60s. I picked it up at a yard sale for ~$5, because I knew it would outperform any of the crappy blenders on the market today. You know, those $20 blenders that can barely chop up ice, that have plastic jars, and likely to fall apart within a year. They also come in all sorts of crazy colors and just scream “Cheap!” In contrast, Oster makes a very heavy glass jar that just feels like quality and it chops ice like a pro. Plus I like the old-fashioned vintage look.

If you can’t afford a Vitamix (swoon), then Oster is definitely the highest quality brand to get, imho, and worth every penny of the $50 you might spend.

And right now, you can get an Oster blender 50% off for only $24.99 at Buy.com!

50% off Barnes & Noble coupon

A reader gave me a heads up of this printable 50% off coupon for Barnes & Noble. It expires tomorrow (1/30).  See this SD thread for details. I personally have never seen such a huge discount at B&N. Unfortunately, it can’t be used on the Nook (which my lovely honey has already added to his growing tech gadget collection. The boy is unstoppable.) Thanks Tatiana!

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