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I know I’ve neglected the blog lately.  Things have been just a wee bit nuts, between all the holiday hecticness and engagement excitement.

Things are also extremely busy at work. Unfortunately, a factory doesn’t stop running over the holidays :( I’m the lucky one that gets to stay behind and cover for the other engineers while they fly to Ireland and NY and other faroff places (I’m not sad about this, believe me. Traveling at the holidays and fighting the crowds and being stranded at airports due to weather = not my cup of tea.)  I’ve also been hosting Christmas/Engagement parties and holiday baking and decorating and shopping and making gifts.  And avoiding the whole wedding planning entirely, le sigh.

But let’s focus on what’s been going on in the kitchen, shall we?

I had this grand vision of a dessert table for our holiday party.  Desserts are my favorite thing to make, hands down.  Plus I wanted to showcase all my pretty cake stands!

I came home every night the week before the party and poured my heart out into many delectable treats.

There were fudgy rum balls:

Four chip fudge:

Red velvet cupcakes:

My Uncle Tom’s special pumpkin bread (actually made from squash):

Here is the dessert table before everyone arrived and added their contributions.  Behold the awesomeness of the cupcake tower!

Here is a shot of the dessert table after everyone arrived. My friend Jen bought all the flowers separately and made this awesome arrangement in our kitchen. Isn’t it gorgeous? I need to learn how to do that.

There may have also been about 80  jello shots.

A good time was had by all. ;)

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