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Tying Up Loose Ends

Just a few loose ends to tie up before the new year…

  • Last day to get your $25 Small Business Credit! I’m loving this promotion! Between Tony and I, we’ve signed up 6 cards. The best part? It’s shifted my focus to local businesses and as a result, I found the cutest local hardware store right across the street from me! All you Ahwatukeeans, check out Plaza Hardware (in the Trader Joe’s shopping center).  They also do pool service. It totally reminds me of that hardware store on Wonder Years that Kevin worked at, with the little old man behind the counter who shows you the right nut to buy. Now I have a place closer than Lowe’s and Home Depot to support, and I got a couple of $25 gift certificates for free (after credit)!!
  • Yesterday we made a run to Nordstrom Rack to use our $50 Groupon credit before it expired (12/31). I was so proud of my haul, I got a HUGE Lacoste bath towel, small Tweezerman tweezers with a nifty brow brush attachment, a scarf (gift), and gel heel liners for my high heels all for my original price of $25. Tony got a nice tie and a bath towel of his own (we desperately needed new towels — ours had the funk). I have to run back and use my last Groupon today!
  • Hey Arizonans — have you shifted your shopping to local businesses this holiday season? Go HERE and enter to win before the end of the day and you can get a really cool prize!

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