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We spent this past weekend in our state’s first capital — Prescott, AZ. We went up to visit my sister and do some general touristy things.

Can you believe Tony has never been to Prescott, after more than 6 years of living here? We definitely had to fix that.

Our first stop was at Granite Creek Park.  We were hoping to see the pretty fall foliage, but it looks like we just missed it by a couple of weeks. Next year we definitely have to go back in early November so we can see all the yellow leaves on the trees {although they were still pretty on the ground!}.

My sister is my favorite model — I feel like I know her well enough that I can capture her most beautiful, candid self.  She’s muy bonita, no?

There may or may not have been a little horsing around:

There was a moment when the sun came peeking through the clouds and gave everything this gorgeous golden glow. Hannah was working it behind the camera and got some great shots of Tony and I, even if they are a little out of focus ;)

We also did a little shopping in downtown Prescott. While there, we visited the Old Firehouse Plaza, which is aptly named for the painted fire hydrants out back:

The next day it rained and rained. We went for a scenic drive , and happened to see the most GORGEOUS rainbow overlooking Willow Lake. The rain stopped long enough for us to hop out and capture the moment:

Thanks to my sister for loaning me appropriate winter clothes, since this city slicker came totally unprepared! It was fun playing dress-up in someone else’s clothes though! ;)

If you want to see the rest of the Prescott album, click here. {You’ll get to see my sister at her cartwheeling best. Bwahahaha.}

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