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Today’s Phoenix Groupon Deal is the $50 Nordstrom Rack voucher for only $25, in case you missed this awesome deal over the weekend.

Tony was nice to pick one up for me too. I’m SUPER excited to use our vouchers to get some new denim, as I need some new work jeans desperately.

Don’t forget, you can go through Mr. Rebates for 8% cash back!

2 Responses to “Phoenix Groupon: $50 Nordstrom Rack Voucher for $25”

  1. Tammy says:

    Thanks Darlin!

  2. […] we made a run to Nordstrom Rack to use our $50 Groupon credit before it expired (12/31). I was so proud of my haul, I got a HUGE Lacoste bath towel, small […]

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