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I was happy to find my $60 check in the mail when I got back from vacation! Actually, all THREE of my $60 rebates came (one to my dad’s house, and one to my mom’s house as well). 

I’m still kind of shocked they paid the full $60 even though the receipt was only for $47.24. :)

That means I made $36 to buy 18 bottles of rum! How nuts is that?

Did everyone else get their rebates?

2 Responses to “My $60 Bacardi Rebate Came!”

  1. Kaylan says:

    I won your Bacardi rebate giveaway, and it came last week :) We splurged on some more expensive stuff (Grey Goose and 12 year Scotch for the hubby) but with the rebate we only spent $60 on 6 bottles of premium liquor. Exciting times!

  2. Heather says:

    Awesome deal Kaylan!! Your hubby has good taste ;)

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