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I mentioned in a previous post that I was trying to save up a sizable Christmas fund, using Amazon gift cards that I’ve earned through Swag Bucks and various survey sites (activities which I’ve tagged “bored money” because they’re things I only do while otherwise bored, so not often).

Well, my Amazon Christmas fund just reached $100!

I figured I’d show you the balance as proof before I started dipping into it for gifts :)

Here is the tally so far this year:

Lightspeed Panel (now MySurvey) – $30
Consumer Say – $20
Keynote Research Panel – $20
Swagbucks – $15
SheSpeaks- $10

Total: $95 (the other $6.40 is leftover from a previous gift card balance)

I also have another $10 coming to me from Consumer Say, for updating  my profile recently.

All of these awards were from completing surveys, none were from referrals. I did do a little web searching (very minimal, usually on Fridays) to get Swag Bucks, but I found the surveys to be the easiest way to earn points.  SheSpeaks normally gives out products to test (for FREE), but they had a survey on an American Express credit card that had a $10 Amazon award which was pretty cool.

You can see I’m not getting rich off doing surveys, but I’m not spending a ton of time doing them either.  There are some periods when I’m so busy, that I’ll ignore my junk email account and won’t click on a single survey for a month.

My favorite survey site is Lightspeed (now MySurvey), as it’s clearly the most profitable. I have yet to reach the payout threshold for any others, so they’re not listed.

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