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Yesterday, I had a funny conversation with my father.  He asked me: “What’s this about only having to spend $1500 and getting a free ticket to Italy?  It can’t be that easy, can it?? What’s the catch?”

Apparently he had talked to my sister, who had signed up for the Citicard Amex after my non-stop nagging and is working on meeting her $1500 minimum spend so we can all go to Europe next summer.

Yep, dad, it is that easy. The proof is here.  There is no catch.  Never mind that I specifically urged you and everyone else I know to sign up for the best credit card offer of all time!

But luckily, it’s not too late. Citicard has a new credit card offer for 75,000 American Airlines bonus miles, valid through February 28, 2011. To get the 75,000 miles, you have to spend $4,000 within 6 months. All the other terms still apply. {See all my notes on the previous offer over here.}  There is an $85 annual fee but it’s waived the first year. There is supposed to be a limit of only one card per customer, but you can get around this by signing up for both a Visa and American Express on the same day.  It says the bonus miles will appear in your account 8-10 weeks after you meet the minimum spend, but in my experience, they’ve been instantly applied to our accounts the same day as our closing statement.

If you want to know what 75,000 AAdvantage miles will get you, go here.  You want to try and use the MileSaaver rates (off-peak rates). Basically, it costs 25,000 miles for a round-trip ticket within the continental US, 35,000 miles for a round-trip ticket to Hawaii or Alaska, and 40,000 miles for a round-trip ticket to Europe (off-peak), or 60,000 miles for a round-trip ticket to Europe (peak).

So, let’s recap: 75,000 sign-up offer. Instead of a $1500 minimum spend, there’s a $4,000 minimum spend. But it’s still the sign-up bonus of a lifetime. And dad, may I suggest you sign up this time? :)

Love you, pop! You deserve a free vacay. <3

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