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I just got back from the My Money Life conference, and I had an amazing time!! Susan did SUCH A GOOD JOB. I came away with so many good personal finance nuggets to share with you guys, I’m just bursting at the seams with all the new info I learned!!

I’m off to go visit with my grandparents, but I wanted to post this real quick for all my new friends I met at the conference — welcome, and I hope you enjoy yourselves as you look around! Please say hi! {I’m sorry for being such a dolt and going to a networking event without business cards. Geez, that was a dumb move ;) }

And a BIG HUGE THANKS to Susan for putting on such an awesome event. Your hard work really truly showed! <3

3 Responses to “Welcome My Money Life Friends!”

  1. Donna Dale says:

    Hi Heather!

    It was great meeting you at the MML event! Have a great visit with your grandparents and stay in touch…let me know if you’d like any other info for your blog.


    Donna Dale
    Edward Jones
    (480) 821-1398

  2. Donna Dale says:

    PS…spread the word about Long Term Care…it’s SO important!!

  3. AllieZirkle says:

    It was great to meet you! Thanks for coming to say hi. I’m the dolt who was in la la land :) It’s great to have met IRL!

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