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Hey guys, I’m about to go take my 8-hour test (wish me luck! eek! so nervous! my friend just dropped by ear plugs — thank you so much jenny!!!!).

I just had to drop a quick note to remind everyone that you have ONE DAY LEFT to sign up for the best credit card bonus ever.

The big bonuses supposedly end tomorrow, October 31st. Now, they may come out with a 200,000 mile bonus the very next day, who knows. But I say get it while the getting is good :)

This is one I would urge every single one of my family members to get. Seriously, I love you guys, and I know how you think I’m a crazy loon and you don’t understand how I can have so many credit cards, but this is worth getting. Please do it. For the love of traveling!  It can be an early Christmas present to me! {Hannah, Dad, Mom, even G&G — I’m speaking to all of you!!} :)

Sign up for both the personal Amex and personal Visa. The worst that can happen is you get denied. Over a computer. No human interaction even required!

Now I’m off to rock the FE exam.

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