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A River Runs Through It

We had quite the rainstorm in Phoenix this evening. I’m hearing the word tornado being used?!?! Luckily, where we live didn’t get hit too hard — no wind damage that I can see.

Tony called me in a panic, saying “Don’t come home yet!” Apparently he’s never driven through a river before. :) So while I was stuck in my cubicle, waiting for the crazy weather to pass, Tony shot some of these pics of our neighborhood:

2 Responses to “A River Runs Through It”

  1. Mako says:

    It was crazy in Laveen. I was driving around noon, and it was so fun driving in storm. Everyone was out at their front porch, looking. It is only in Arizona that people get excited and come out of houses when it rains. I had both of my kids in the car, they were speechless, so quiet. Then when we were talking a nap around 4pm, it hit Laveen again. It was hailing so bad I thought my windows will break. That time both of my kids were scared, crying.

  2. Trini says:

    On the plus side, a water front should increase the value of your property, right?? :)

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