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Tone’s Clone

I’m missing my boyfriend.

2.5 days of no communication is a wee bit much.

He gets no cell reception on the boat, so I haven’t even been able to talk with him since Friday morning :(

But look, I spotted Tony’s clone!

{face blurred out to protect the innocent}

Is there a new brown + grey plaid fashion phenomenon that I should know about?!?!

And yes, I did take a picture of a random stranger in my class with my cell phone. It even made the annoying “click” sound and he heard it. Whoops.

3 Responses to “Tone’s Clone”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ya know, from this point of view it doesn’t look so bad…..

  2. Hannah says:


  3. Tom says:

    Tone has many clones that come in all types and flavors! But remember; there is only one real Tone! Spoken from his dads point of view…the creator (at least one half anyway) of the one, the only, genuine Tone!!!

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