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Random Life Developments

Here’s the bulleted version of what’s going on in my life:

  • Just found out that I will be attending a wedding in ITALY next July (2011)!! My girlfriend is getting married in a villa in Florence — seriously, how romantic is that?!? I’m so excited, it’s been over 10 years since I studied abroad in Italy. AND, AND, AND! This could be Tony’s first opportunity to use his new passport! Now I really have to focus on accumulating mileage/points to make our trip as low-cost as possible!
  • Yesterday I went and purchased 6 more Bacardi Rum’s to send in for another $60 rebate. I found another rebate at Bashas’ this week, and I just couldn’t resist doing it one more time! That’s a total of 18 bottles of rum…which should seriously last us forever. Anyone know of any good rum recipes? :)
  • I’m in the middle of doing a refinance on my primary home. I went from a 30-year fixed loan at 5.25% to a 15-year fixed loan at 4%, which ends up saving me a whopping $153,000 over the life of my loan AND I’ll be done paying off 15 years sooner. I locked my rate in at 4% for 45 days, with only $100 in closing costs (!!) and am just waiting patiently for all the paperwork to go through! The appraisal came back this week at exactly the same price that I purchased my home for in July 2009, which is a good thing.
  • I’m on somewhat of an ice cream kick since the mint lime sorbet adventure.  I’ve made both PW’s blackberry ice cream and Florentine peach gelato, and the peach gelato was the clear winner. The peach gelato was soooo incredibly light and fluffy, it was like eating a peach cloud! I need to post the recipe.  The blackberry ice cream, whilst the most gorgeous shade of purple, ended up tasting just plain weird. Sorry, PW, Tony and I just don’t like half-and-half in our ice cream. Tony specifically requested “no more cream-based recipes.” I think we’re a sorbet and gelato household here on out.
  • I’m currently driving an even OLDER car than my Explorer. I’m borrowing a 1992 Honda Accord from a friend, because Mr. Tan Monkey isn’t in the best of shape. His clutch gave out, and I’m not willing to fork over the cash to resuscitate him. The big cliffhanger: What will Heather do next?
  • I received both of my Citibank AAdvantage credit cards this week. I was holding my breath until I actually held them both in my hands — but it looks like 187,000 AA miles is a very real possibility! Now it’s time to reach those minimum spends and rack up those miles!
  • Last, but not least, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $100 Safeway gift card! Tomorrow’s the last day to enter!

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