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Jasmere: $5 off Code

I’ve mentioned Jasmere in the past before, but now they’re offering a $5 off code good through 9/20.  Here’s how to get your code:

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Then go here and take a short 1-page survey.
  3. After you finish the survey, you’ll get a unique code that gives you a $5.00 credit on Jasmere, good through 9/20/10.

I’ve been a member of Jasmere for a few months, and I was able to take the survey just now and get the code.

What’s Jasmere? It’s another of these daily deal sites, similar to Groupon (and I know y’all love Groupon, based on feedback to the Safeway giveaway so far!).  Sign up, and you’ll receive deals 5x a week in email. You’re guaranteed the price you sign up at, but the price actually drops the more people sign up for the deal.  Your credit card isn’t charged until the end of the day, when everyone gets the lowest price.

Unlike Groupon which primarily focuses on local deals, Jasmere focuses on national deals that everyone can benefit from.  Plus, they have a similar referral system, where you get $10 for every person you refer who makes a purchase at Jasmere. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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