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Dudes! I am now GETTING PAID money to buy rum. Best. Moneymaker. Ever.

Let me back up.

On Tuesday, I was shopping at my local Fry’s (where, by the way, I NEVER find wine tags or liquor rebates of any kind) and I found a stack of what I thought were $60 Bacardi rebates. I thought, sweet! I can share some with my readers.

But then, when I went to fill one of the forms out yesterday, I realized that what I had grabbed were NOT rebates. They were instant coupons! $2/1 or $5/2 coupons, good on Bacardi rum!!

See! {click to enlarge}

So guess what I did? I called Total Wine, and asked if they took manufacturer’s coupons. They do! So, like any good couponer, I took our receipts back to the customer service desk, along with 6 of the $5/2 coupons, and had them return our 12 bottles and re-ring them up, using the coupons.

That’s $30 back in our pocket!

After the rebate, I am now GETTING PAID $12.76 to buy 6 bottles of rum. And so is Tony. Craziness.

Check out my new receipt:

It must have been MY DAY for liquor rebates, because I also received my $50 rebate from the Smirnoff rebates in the mail!!  My parents confirmed they received the other one too.  It took 8 weeks from the date I mailed the rebates off to receive the checks, and I was starting to get antsy.


Now, for the fun part! I have ONE rebate form left, and I’m going to give it away, along with three $5/2 coupons! This should be a moneymaker, or at least breakeven deal no matter where you buy the rum.

See my post HERE for a reminder of the rebate terms.

This will be a quick one, because I want to get these out in the mail so you have plenty of time to send off for the rebate (you have until 9/15 to buy the rum and 9/29 to postmark the rebate).

What you will win:  (1) “60 Second Cocktails” Save up to $60 Rebate + (3) $5/2 coupons

To enter: Just leave a comment!

You have until Monday, September 6th, 7pm AZ time to enter. I will pick a winner randomly and contact them via email, so be sure to leave a way to contact you! The coupons are only valid for residents of AZ, NM, and NV only, sorry!

10 Responses to “Giveaway: $60 Bacardi Rebate + $15 in Bacardi Coupons! {CLOSED}”

  1. Hi!!! Thanks for offering this….I’m entering because my dad (74 years old) has become a huge fan of Mai Tai’s!!!! Love to be able to get him all that rum!!!

  2. rachael says:

    OMG! I have been looking for these EVERYWHERE!!!!! I hope I win! I hope I win!!!!

  3. Debbi LaRocque says:

    I would be so happy if I am the lucky one chosen…crossing my fingers. Like your tag line ‘Tales from a frugal-centric, fitness-crazed, food lovin’ gal.
    .’ Thanks, Debbi

  4. Chitra says:

    I have been searching for deals to stock up for rum for the New Year party and this is such a great deal.


  5. Andrea says:

    I love money makers….. and on rum, even better! :)

  6. Beverly says:

    I would totally love to have that rebate form!

  7. Christi says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate! I love your blog!

  8. A says:

    I have been looking ALL OVER THE PLACE for those $5/2 coupons and have come up short at every store!!! I hope I win!!!! Thank you for hosting the giveaway! :) :)

  9. Kaylan says:

    I’ve been looking for a great way to stock our bar without breaking the bank!

  10. Violeta says:

    please please please i want the rebate+coupons :)

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