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Here’s an extra bonus for all you soda addicts: For the next month, through 9/21/10, you can score 27 12-packs of Refreshe soda for only $1.73 per 12-pack AND you can have it delivered to your doorstep via Safeway’s Home Grocery Delivery!! That’s a lot of soda to not have to schlep back and forth in this scorching heat! {In case you want to see what 27 cases looks like, head on over to Desert Deals Diva to see her stash!!}

The Refreshe soda is on sale at Safeway.com for $1.99 each wyb 3 fridge packs, so make sure and buy in multiples of 3 (also remember, the deduction won’t show up when you initially check out, it will only come off on the final invoice that you receive from the delivery man).

Remember, you have to have a minimum order of $50 for home delivery. My code for $7 off and FREE delivery is: LANAYE.  You can use the code once per household through 9/30/10. Here’s how it works out:

Refreshe Soda Fridge Pack – 12-12fl. oz.
Buy 27 @ 1.99each
Use code LANAYE for $7 off and FREE shipping
Final price: $46.73 or $1.73 per 12-pack

I’m thinking this would be a fabulous gift for my grandparents. They have a serious soda stash on their back porch, to keep all the caffeine addicts in my family happy. I think it would be an extremely thoughtful gift, as they wouldn’t have to lug all that soda back and forth from the store to their car and then to their back porch. Do you know how nice it would be to have someone else deliver, uncrate and stack it all for them!  {the question is, are they willing to settle for Refreshe vs. Coke ?? I’m not a soda drinker so to me it’s all the same!}

Thanks to kc for pointing this deal out.

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