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Birthday Loot

Another birthday has come and gone.  The week leading up to it was kind of rough. Thoughts like “omg omg omg I turn 30 in a year omg omg what have I done with my life omg omg omg calm down Heather” kept going through my head.

But, I’m over that. For now. The hardest part is now remembering to put “29” whenever I fill out those darn forms that ask my age!

I wanted to show my appreciation to all my friends & family who spoiled me rotten this year.  Seriously, you guys went above and beyond to make my birthday super special. Thank you a million times over for making me feel so loved!!! :) I am extremely grateful for every single one of you.

Now, it’s time to play Vanna White!

My friend Jen A. gave me this adorable apron, which has already found a permanent spot hanging in my kitchen. It’s so bright and cheery, that I can’t help but smile every time I see it!  I decided that I need to cover my cubicle walls in this green gingham material instead of drab grey :)

My friend Jenn P. gave me a new Le Creuset 5 qt canister to match my set, which was WAY TOO NICE of a gift. Thank you girlfriend!! {Would it be too weird if I stored protein powder in it?}

My mom spoiled me with a new purse; my old purse was starting to get holes in it after 3 years of non-stop use!  I did save her an insane amount by picking it up at the Coach outlet in Palm Springs during our trip to Cali last week.

Can you tell I LOVE my new purse??? Thank you mama!!!

Thanks to Tom & Katie, I got EXACTLY what I wanted from Amazon: the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Slow Cooker in Stainless Steel. I’ve been stalking this set for months, literally. Now I have every size crock-pot that I could possibly need!! This is perfect, because I’ve been needing the smaller 2 & 4 qt sizes for weeknight meals for just the two of us.  Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!

My awesome boyfriend surprised me at work with this gorgeous bouquet of roses. It was funny, because they got sent to our default warehouse, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to pick up flowers there! I was on cloud nine all afternoon after receiving them!  Thank you BABY!

Tony’s MAIN GIFT is on the way — I ordered it yesterday, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!! Until then, you’re just going to have to wait in suspense :) I will tell you this — it’s the perfect gift for me, and shows that he knows me better than he thinks he does.

We get a bonus every year right around my birthday (how convenient!!), and I gave myself a birthday present this year of a Total Immersion freestyle workshop – 2 days of non-stop swimming!!  I’ve been wanting to go ever since I read about it on Tim Ferriss’ blog, but couldn’t get over the price.  I had bought the book and the DVD, but nothing beats 1:1 instruction.  They videotaped us underwater — which, believe it or not, wasn’t nearly as scary as I anticipated :)  I loved it, and I hope to devote a future post on what I learned. The Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale (where the workshop was held) is just beautiful. If only it weren’t so far away, I’d be tempted to join!

And last but not least, my blog had a record number of visits on my birthday, thanks in part to my Hawaii post!  It really isn’t hard to break records around here, since the bar is set so low ;) But still, it’s always nice to see that someone appreciates my work!! Thanks you guys!!

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