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American National Insurance Company is offering 500 US Airways miles for not getting a quote.  The fine print: 

To request 500 Dividend Miles Offer without obtaining a free rate quote, please send a postcard or letter to Dividend Miles Offer, 2450 South Shore Boulevard, Suite 401, League City, TX 77573-2997. Include your name, address, email address and Dividend Miles number. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. One postcard or letter request per Dividend Miles account.

You have until August 31, 2010 to request your mileage. Be sure you give your same email address as your Dividend Miles account.

If you use a regular 44¢ stamp, that’s a ridiculously low $0.00088/ mile! Plus, this would be a good way to keep your US Airways Dividend Miles account active if you haven’t flown in a while.

{Thanks to Kohoutek @ FT}

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