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I recently read an interesting article about making your time less money-dense.  I liked the concept, so I thought I’d apply the cost per hour analysis to some of my favorite activities. For the most part, most of my just-for-fun hobbies are pretty inexpensive, and have a relatively low cost per hour (hiking, biking, camping, reading, baking etc).

But I DO have one guilty pleasure, which is extremely money-dense — and that is watching Broadway musicals. I love everything about them. I love the music, the costumes, the acting, the sets, the story.  I especially love getting all gussied up for a night at the theatre (even if many people nowadays go in jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops! Boo.) I REALLY like seeing my hunky bf in one of his nice dress shirts, since that’s the only time he’ll wear them for me :)

I also love Gammage Auditorium. I have a special place in my heart for Frank Lloyd Wright’s swirly, birthday-cake of a design building. I’ll never forget the first time I ever stepped foot in Gammage, when my grandma took me as a young teen to see my first musical ever, Phantom of the Opera — one of my favorite musicals to this day.  As an undergraduate, I lived across the street from Gammage for two years in the honors dorms, and would just walk to see the musicals.  I even saw one of my favorite rock bands, Collective Soul, live in concert there (for only $14 per ticket no less!).

I used to justify the cost of seeing musicals by sitting way up in the balcony, which at student rates was less than $20 per ticket. If you figure a musical lasts 2.5 hours, that’s a cost of about $8 per hour, which is fairly reasonable.

However, the sound sucks from the balcony, and you better bring your binoculars if you want to see any detail, because everything looks like ants. I put up with balcony seats all four years in college, but now, I’m more likely to splurge for at least the Grand Tier (lowest balcony) unless it’s a show I don’t really care about.

The Grand Tier tickets normally run you about $50, which equates to about $20 per hour.

Now imagine buying tickets in the orchestra section —  at ~$75 a pop , watching a musical at Gammage could cost up to $30 per hour!! Holy COW, that’s a money-dense activity!!

Of course, you don’t expect me to pay full retail prices do you?

Stay tuned, for my next post on how to purchase discount musical tickets at Gammage :)

3 Responses to “What Are Your Money-Dense Activities?”

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  2. Tom says:

    If that hunky bf is my son(?), his mother and i rarely got to see him in nice cloths. Usually just t-shirt and levis. Glad you are making some headway in up-scaling his dress code. Also, he must be a different person since broadway shows was not his usual interest. Keep at it…soon he will be a refined, sophisticated, yet frugal son that we never saw… :)

  3. Heather says:

    Haha, yep, he’s pretty hunky when he puts some effort into it ;) And he still wears t-shirts and jeans 99% of the time. We’re working on it…I don’t know which is harder, getting him to wear nice dress clothes or eating his veggies…both are definitely a fight!

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