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Have y’all applied for your Amex cards yet? Today is the last day for the 30,000 Starpoints sign-up bonus with $1K minimum spend.  After today, the sign-up bonus goes back down to 25,000 Starpoints, with a $15,000 minimum spend requirement.

I just applied for the business card for both Tony and I…and we were instantly approved! It’s always so suspenseful during those 60 seconds that you wait while the application processes.  I did a little “cross my fingers, cross my fingers” dance  just for good luck, and it worked :)

60,000 more Starpoints for us!! I need to plot out our next big vacation. I’m definitely a goal-oriented person, can you tell?

Also, The Frugal Travel Guy gave a heads-up today that the annual fee on the SPG Amex card will be going up from $45 to $65 starting October 14th.  All annual fees are still waived the first year, so you can always cancel when it’s up for renewal if you don’t plan on using it anymore. The annual fee equates to basically one hotel stay, so if you get anything more than a free hotel night out of the card each year, it more than pays for itself.

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