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Yesterday I posted about the new Kraft Cheese catalina promo going on at Fry’s, where you can get FREE Kraft natural cheese.  You can also get FREE Philadelphia cream cheese with the same promo. With printable coupons, this becomes a nice moneymaker!!

The deal looks like this:

Buy 5 Philadelphia Cream Cheese at $0.99 each after the Mega Event Savings
Spend $4.95 OOP, Get $5 catalina back
Free after catalina — no coupons needed!

Make sure you purchase 5 other items from the 10 Item Mega Event to get the 99cent price!

If you’re able to print out the $1 Philadelphia coupons found here, this becomes a $1 MoneyMaker per package!! You’ll need to sign up for a Real Women of Philadelphia  account and activate it first, before you can print the coupons.  Click on “Sign in” and then choose the “Sign up” option. You can print two coupons per computer, so if you found multiple computers, you could make some nice profit off the cream cheese.

Don’t forget, you can mix and match any Kraft cheese product to get the $5 catalina, just make sure they add up to 5.  This means you can mix and match the Philly cream cheese with the shredded or chunk Kraft cheese (using the $1/2 blinkies found in the cheese aisle), and get it all for FREE! See this post for more info.

The Mega Event lasts through next Tuesday (7/28), although the prices may go slightly up in tomorrow’s ad.  It has been confirmed that the shredded packages go up 11 cents starting tomorrow, but I’m not sure about the Philly cheese.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Basha’s has something simillar with Kraft,

    You buy 3 items, like lunchables, Kraft singles, cookies, capri suns, or salid dressing for $6 total and you get a BOGO to the new sea life in AZ mills normmally it costs 18.50

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