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It’s almost not worth mentioning this, since Bing Cashback will stop as of July 30th . But just in case someone plans on buying something online at REI before the end of the month, I thought I’d throw my experience out there.

I found that you can double dip on Bing and Mr. Rebates cash back on REI online purchases.

I’ve made two REI purchases, and received 2% cash back at Bing and 3% at Mr. Rebates (for a total of 5% cash back). Since I used my REI credit card, I’ll also get 5% cash back on that, for a grand total of 10% cash back.

Here are the screenshots for proof.

March 22nd purchase, 3% CB at Mr. Rebates + 2% CB at Bing

May 31st purchase, 3% CB at Mr. Rebates + 2% CB at Bing

Basically, you follow the same steps as my eBay shopping strategy.

  1. Log into Bing first. Under cash back stores, select REI. Select “Go to Store” and a window should pop up letting you know you will get 2-6% back on your purchase (all my purchases only qualify for 2%).
  2. In a different window, log into Mr. Rebates. (If you haven’t signed up for Mr. Rebates, you’ll want to sign up before you do all this. New members get a $5 sign up bonus.) Search for REI, click on the link and place your order in the new screen that pops up.
  3. Bonus: Use your REI credit card to pay for your purchase, and you’ll earn an additional 5% cash back on all REI purchases. (New cardholders get a $20 REI gift card. If you want to enter a referral REI account #, mine is 08026715, and I’ll get a $20 gift card too! Thanks!).

Remember, this will only work through July 30th. After that, Bing goes buh-bye and you’ll only be able to get the 3% cash back at Mr. Rebates.

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